Artiste Village

An artiste always lives in his own imaginative space and keeps himself absent from the social responsibilities. The journey in his own world put him in the peak of his creativity but far from the real life necessities such as proper education and shelter. The moment he realizes the fact that he has become aged and health deteriorated, he would have already become invariably unfavourable to the entire community which results in providing even a roof for him or his family members.

As a responsible group Magic Academy family have bothered to look into the difficulties faced by the creative artiste who works in our arena and makes our life colourful. Academy proposes to design an Artiste Home project for the street performers and Differntly abled children at the Kazhakuttom, Thiruvananthapuram. The very intention of this project is to provide a decent life to destitute artistes and disseminate their talents to coming generations for zero consideration in return.

The proposed ‘Artiste Village’ in total means a roof over the head and other amenities that will satisfy the overall development of artiste and family members. Artiste Village will enable artistes with a sense of safe space that provides them with positive outlook which gives access to Education centre, Art centre for the overall improvement of their life circumstances.